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Standards Alignment


We are pleased to announce that the Storytellers' Favorite Fables DVD has met the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) review criteria. It has been approved for legal compliance (not state adoption) and included on the CLRN web site:  www.CLRN.org.  (Presentlly it is listed under "Organic Kids Company.") CLRN provides educators with a "one-stop" resource for critical information needed for the selection of supplemental electronic learning resources aligned to the State Board of Education academic content standards.

As an additional resource, Let's Tell Stories has created Lesson Plans and Worksheets based on the stories on the DVD. The Worksheets are designed to be aligned with the California Educational Standards for Grades K - 4.

Please note that we are still developing some of the lesson plans and materials and not all of the stories have worksheets for all of the grades.

We recommend watching the story on the DVD, and then using the Lesson Plans and Worksheets to further literacy and logic skills. We have prepared story related questions which are available on the Story Discussion Ideas page of this website under the Parent/Teacher menu.

We are providing the Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Discussion Topics and other resources for individual and educational use without cost. Sales, distribution, posting on another website or other uses are strictly prohibited under copyright law.

The materials for each grade can be accessed on the Educational Materials menu under Parent/Teacher. 


Storytelling Enrichment Program

Kids love stories! But did you know that storytelling is a bridge to literacy, equally important as reading to young children? Research studies have found storytelling: creates an integrated and "educated mind", one that is connected to both the logical and imaginative ways of knowing; contributes significantly to early literary development; benefits at risk youth; develops a well-established oral language vocabulary needed for written vocabulary; and, telling stories from culturally diverse sources supports the creation of multicultural awareness in classrooms.

Let's Tell Stories offers innovative, storytelling based educational programming and materials for Pre-K - 4th grade students. There are several options for adding this valuable educational tool to your curriculum.

1. TELLTM (Telling Enriches Learning and Lives) enrichment program for after school or other use. The TELL program materials include the Storytellers' Favorite Fables DVD and education standards aligned worksheets, activities, resources and discussion topic modules for each of the 8 stories on the DVD. It is a complete, entertaining program for both teachers and students.

2. Storytellers' Favorite Fables DVD and use of free on-line educational materials. The DVD can be used independent of the TELL Program. This website has education standards aligned materials and activities for some of the stories on the DVD available for download. Offers educators the opportunity to bring storytelling into the curriculum and add value to your programs

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how the TELL Program, DVD and materials can best enhance your curriculum. Please contact us:

Let's Tell Stories
P.O. Box 130874,
Carlsbad, CA 92013
Tel: 760-603-0202 or email:


School Library Journal, April 2009 Review of Storytellers' Favorite Fables: "This is an excellent tool for storytellers and the next best thing to participating in live storytelling for children."


- Storytelling is a bridge to literacy and an innovative program offering adding value to your curriculum

- Flexible module program can be tailored to meet educator's or curriculum needs

- Standards aligned materials

- Content easily integrated with other curriculum

- Research studies establish the benefits of storytelling which include: early literacy development, early spelling,
  creation of multicultural awareness, positive impact on at risk youth, and creating an integrated and educated mind
  that is connected to both the logical and imaginative ways of knowing.

- Bilingual stories

- Games and Activities

For more research information on storytelling and literacy please visit the "Storytelling and Learning" page of this website.