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Storyteller DVD
Series for Children


Mission Statement

Let's Tell Stories's DVDs were created to enhance learning, language, and entertainment in a way that the brain is best equipped to receive the information, and in a way that children love: face to face, using words, gestures and expressions, interacting without quick edits and fast moving images. The stories convey thoughts and ideas that help children learn about the world and allow them to think and ask, “Why?” And it also give adults an unlimited chance to interact with children, explore the meaning behind the stories, and help children find the answer to their many “Whys”.

Children love to have someone tell them a story. For them, it may be wonderful enough just to hear a story, but research has shown that it is also very important to their development. Between the ages of 4 and 12, huge changes occur in a child’s brain. The brain is deciding whether to create and keep new connections. If the child is receiving rich, sensory stimulation, learning increases. The type of stimulation is very important, because stimulation by itself can also be a detriment. Most animation, cartoons and regular television programming have rapid scene changes, quick edits, and fast moving images that require little thought process and do not give the brain time to engage. A child’s mind learns to expect an abnormally high level of stimulation and views that as normal, which makes reality boring by comparison.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends NO television for children two and under and no more than 2 hours of quality programming for children over two. Let's Tell Stories's storyteller DVDs are a full 60 minutes of quality programming that will provide countless hours of enjoyment and enrichment for children.