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Storyteller DVD
Series for Children


Storyteller DVDs

is a story, in prose or verse that features
animals, plants or forces of nature that are
given human qualities and that illustrates a
moral lesson.  The origins of fables date back

thousands of years, but the purpose, to teach an important lesson, is timeless.  As children talk about the characters and events of the stories, they will be able to develop their analytical and reasoning skills while examining the behavior of the characters.  Through these examples, children will learn to value good behavior, honesty, sharing and other important life lessons.

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Storytellers' Favorite Fables
Storytellers' Favorite Fables engage, entertain and educate children, encouraging them to express themselves and participate. Join the audience as our four nationally known, award winning storytellers; Diane Ferlatte, accompanied by musician Eric Pearson, Leeny Del Seamonds, Geri Keams and Angela Lloyd explore the world using words, gestures, expressions and music.  Each Storyteller uses their unique talents and backgrounds to bring their stories to life and introduce children to characters, places and lives from around the world.  Recommended ages 3 to 10 years old.
Special Features:

-  Auto or continuous play
-  Story selection
-  Free on-line activities to print
-  Widescreen
-  Multicultural stories
-  Several stories bilingual (Spanish &    
-  Full hour of stories

Run time Approx. 62 minutes
Color - NTSC

Croc n' Hen, Bakongo Folklore from Africa - Diane Ferlatte
Yuca, Retelling of the Russian Tale, "The Turnip" (Spanish & English) - Leeny Del Seamonds
Yes Ma'am, Based on traditional African-American call and response song - Angela Lloyd
Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun, Adaptation of traditional Cherokee story - Geri  Keams
Bone Day, Adaptation of the Aesop Fable "The Dog and the Bone" - Diane Ferlatte
Hand, Original work (English & Spanish) - Angela Lloyd
Medio Pollito, Retelling of traditional Spanish Legend "Half Chick" (Spanish & English) - Leeny Del Seamonds
Sunbrella, Original Work - Angela Lloyd
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