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Storyteller DVD
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Story Discussion Topics and Questions

Think about the stories you saw and heard on the DVD. Which was your favorite? Why?
A fable is a story in prose or in verse that features animals, plants, or forces of nature, which are given human qualities, and that illustrate a moral lesson.
What were some of the animals featured in the stories?

Which stories feature plants?
Which stories featured "forces of nature"?

A "moral" is a saying that states an accepted rule. Bone Day’s moral is "be happy with what you have".
What are some of the morals in the other stories?
What tools did the storytellers use to tell their stories? (voice, face, movement, body, music.)

Crocodile and Hen

What did Hen call Croc?
Could Croc eat Hen? Why or why not?

What characteristics do we normally associate with crocodiles and hens?

What characteristics do Croc and Hen have in this story?

Do you think it was brave of Hen to say what she did to Croc?
Do we normally associate bravery with hens?

Why was it important to Croc to come up with reasons why crocodiles were different than hens?

What were some of his reasons?

What did Lizard mean when he said we all come from the same place?

Why at the end of the story did Croc say "Good morning sister"?
Could Croc eat Hen? Why or why not?

How are we all the same?

How are we all different?

Have you ever worked with other people on a project?

How was it different than working by yourself?
Who were some of the people that helped pull out the yuca?
Who were some of the animals?

What were some of the things the people and animals were doing when they were asked to help?   Did anyone refuse to help?

Who was the last one asked to come and help?  Why?

Have you ever been told that you were too small to help?
What happened when everyone worked together?
What were some of the Spanish words you heard in this story?

Yes Ma’am!

Yes, Ma’am is a "call and response" song. What do you think that means?

What is the benefit of a call and response song?

Yes, Ma’am is from the song, "Did you feed my cow?" a slave song from the American South. Does this change your perspective on this song?  How?

What were some of the methods the Storyteller used to involve the audience?

There were many different peoples from many different countries throughout history who were slaves. Sometimes slaves could earn their freedom, sometimes not.

How did people become slaves?  In what countries?    How long ago?

Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun
What were some of the animals in this story?  Who was your favorite and why?
Where do Possum and Buzzard hide the piece of the sun?
Were their hiding places good choices?  Why or why not?
What is different about Grandmother Spider’s idea?

Is hers a better idea?  Why or why not?
Why doesn’t Wolf want to listen to Grandmother Spider?
What does Grandmother Spider say about herself?
Native American stories frequently offer explanations of the origin of different animals’ characteristics. Grandmother Spider offer explanations of what animals and their characteristics?
Do the Sun Guards notice Grandmother Spider? Why or why not?

Bone Day

Before Butch goes to the butcher shop, he sings, "Leg bone, shoulder bone, I don’t mind, Steak bone, ham bone whatever I find…" Why isn’t he happy with the bone he gets?
Who gets the biggest bone?
Who does Butch see in the pond?

What does Butch say to himself?
Does Butch come home with a bone?  Why or why not?
What does Frankie bring home for Butch?
What does Butch say at the end of the story?
What was Butch’s mistake?

Medio Pollito
What does "Medio Pollito" mean in English?  Why was he called that?

Was Medio Pollito different from other chicks?  How?

Why does Medio Pollito want to go to Madrid?
Do you think the Queen of Spain would want to see him?

Who did Medio Pollito meet on the way to Spain?  What do they have in common?
What happens to Medio Pollito when he gets to Madrid?

Why don’t Water, Fire, and Wind want to help him?

Why was it appropriate that Medio Pollito became a weather vane on top of a church in Madrid?
What is the moral of the story?


Have you ever found something in the street and thought it was great?

Did you make it into something new?
What did the Storyteller find in the street?
What did she make it into?

What are some of the things she suggested could be done with the original material of the umbrella?

Would you ever think of doing something like the Sunbrella to an old umbrella you might find?


At the beginning of the story, what things did Hand like to do?
What did she wish she could do?

What did she discover one day after getting tangled in the sheets?

Why was she sad?
Who did she meet one day?

What language did he speak?

What did they do together?

What were some of the numbers you heard in English? In Spanish?